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Showreel for 2017!


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Robot Finally Finished!

So my third character is finally finished thanks to Jack!

Here he is, Now I can finish blocking!


KR40 turn around.png

My initial plan was to have another human character but after how long I spent on my first one and the fact I had two more to do, I decided to make the antagonist a robot to cut down on modelling time. It would’ve worked out if the rig didn’t break but there ewe go :)))

sheriff turn around.jpg

My original villain design 🙂

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World Building and Setting!

So when Debra was going round the other day she was a bit confused to the actual setting of the story (and why my characters mask fits like that on his face) so heres a bit of context into the kind of setting I was going for.


I was looking at other games and films that were set in either a western, other worldly or apocalyptic environment.

Here are a few references I got ideas from 🙂

Related image

Related image

The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1968) – classic and used a lot of references for my camera shots, especially when I go into close ups on the eyes.

Borderlands 2 (2012) – really liked this one and the idea of it being on another planet.

Image result for disney infinity in game

This is the art style I went for (Disney Infinity) which is why his fingers are so blocky and what not 🙂

Image result for star wars rebels scene

Star Wars Rebels was another inspiration and I really liked the setting and flat colours!

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Third Year Project Help!

So I’ve finally finished helping James with his third year project, I modelled all three of his environments again and he seemed pretty happy with them so was worth the time spent 🙂

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Grand Hall.

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Escape Exit.

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So I’ve fully broken my rig for my third character, I don’t know how but its completely gone wrong so I’ll have to restart it.

Meanwhile I’ll start blocking without him whilst I slowly rebuild it.


On top of the helping the third years with their projects, 4 environments, one rigged rope, a recorded audio, an 800 word essay, a show reel, 2 logos, 1 banner, sketching and general practice, and the 4 shifts I’ve somehow been put on this week. Fun fun fun :))))))