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Performance without Dialogue References! (1) (2) (3) (4)


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Performance Without Dialogue Inspiration!

Here are a few clips of some of my favourite changes in emotion from films and tv shows I’m in to which I think might help me out in this project:

The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 8.


Monsters University.


Laurel and Hardy.

This one isn’t without dialogue but it’s such wicked scene and everyones emotions do change instantly I think this would help with the project a lot!

Pulp Fiction.

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‘Performance Without Dialogue’ Initial Ideas

So the task set in our first lecture back was basically to go out and find things that we don’t normally do to stimulate us and get some ideas going.

So for this I’ve decided to basically give my mum a break and take my baby sister, Sophie, to all there baby groups my mum normally would whilst they visit me in Nottingham.

So far we’ve been to baby ballet and it was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life. That is until she made me join in with all the other single mums. Then it was basically me, in a tutu, being shouted at by my 2 year old sister in front of a group of middle aged women because I ‘wasn’t taking it seriously‘.

I’ve also picked up a lot of ideas from listening to the drunks and people on awkward dates at the cocktail bar I work at. They always have some interesting stories which I’ve been noting down in my phone.

However, my main idea came from a Tesco self service checkout that refused to work for this poor man. I think everyone loses their minds when they hear ‘unexpected item in the baggage area’ and your only aid is some sassy college boy with a fringe who doesn’t want to be there anymore than you do. I think this one works the most as its just so relatable and doesn’t really need any further narrative or information other than what is going o at that moment in time – a man just trying to do his shopping, which everyone can relate to.

I do wish I filmed it but I feel he reached peak anger when he saw my flash so I swiftly left the shop. :)))

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Push Pull Lift Tug Evaluation!

So it’s finally over and I’ve actually learnt loads from this project. As well as learning how to give the illusion of weight effectively I’ve also learned so much more about how to render with Arnold, particularly through messing around with finding a way to light my exterior scene.

I’ve also learnt how to use splines to rig ropes and set up a scene for a camera as well as just modelling an environment.

All in all I think it went pretty well, there are a few things I’d like to go back and improve on but not a bad finish to the year I think 🙂

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How to Make an Environment!

So in this project although it wasn’t marked on anything but the movement of the character I think that an environment really helps with the story aspect of it.

So here is how you make one 🙂

  • Blockout!blockoutAlways start by blocking out a rough idea of what you want it to look like, it helps to set up your camera so you know where things are in the scene. The aim is to figure out composition and where your character will sit in the scene.


  • Low poly scene!blockyAfter blocking you need to fill your scene with the actual assets, adding colour to them helps define each bit and see how it will look overall, remember to change the material to AI Standard and don’t ever touch Lambert 1!


  • Smoothing it out!smooth.pngNow you need to go into your assets and add edges so that when you smooth them over they don’t collapse on themselves and go all weird.


  • Lighting!lighting.pngNext you want to light your scene. I used the standard 3 point lighting with area lights around my character, but then I also added a directional light as the sun and used the temperature setting the give it a warmer feel. I also added an AI Physical Sky as the background.


  • Final Render!final.pngFinally once your scene is set up you want to test out what it looks like in the rendered image and that’s it!