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Final Look Before Rendering!

So I’m basically finished with my animation and this is the stage I’m happy with before rendering! There’s a few things that feel a little bit floaty but 3 characters was a huge mistake and I cant look at it anymore without feeling deep regret and self loathing 🙂FilmScene.gif

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Blocking 2.0!

Gradually getting there with the blocking now, been getting it pretty close to the exact movement to make my life a bit easier when I inbetween because I hate it :))

Blocking 2.gif

Still got a few parts of the protagonist and little robot to do but the villain is basically fully blocked!


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Card Game Update!

So they were originally going to be playing poker and then it occurred to me I have no idea how to play poker. cards

So now they’re in an intense match of a Yu-Gi-Oh/ Pokemon rip off 🙂


I got the idea to make the cards based on the characters in the animation from games like Rage (2010) and The Witcher: Gwent (2017) which both use characters from inside the game as characters for the cards.

Related image

The Wither: Gwent.

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Robot Finally Finished!

So my third character is finally finished thanks to Jack!

Here he is, Now I can finish blocking!


KR40 turn around.png

My initial plan was to have another human character but after how long I spent on my first one and the fact I had two more to do, I decided to make the antagonist a robot to cut down on modelling time. It would’ve worked out if the rig didn’t break but there ewe go :)))

sheriff turn around.jpg

My original villain design 🙂