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Team Live Brief Environment Animation!

Here’s one part of the environment I animated. Thought it would bring the whole thing to life a bit more and make it more interesting.


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Team Live Brief Colour Test Ident 2!

So heres the colour test fro the second ident. I thought it would be good to have the characters colours on the two different environments so they each at least have a juxtaposition and can be seen as in the same world. Now I plan to blend shape and animate some plants to make it more interesting!


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More Game Art!

I’ve gotten back into modelling and been playing around with Marmoset and some more realistic props. Here’s a lightsaber because you can never procrastinate enough 🙂


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Easter project! Been a while since i’ve made any game art and thought I’d give Substance Painter a go, rendered it out in Marmoset!Image1psdImage2image3image4Texture layout