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Well it took 2 days to render and I can see about a million mistakes but first terms done with! I’m gonna celebrate by drinking and hiding behind the bar on my 11 hour shift tonight :)))

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So it got to the point where it wouldn’t let me upload any GIF’s to my blog because they were too big but since last rigging the face I’ve keyed it all so it all works nicely and actually works after /a lot/ of trial and error.

I’ve also gone in and tried to stagger all his movements so they don’t all meet up at the key poses at the same time. Was actually a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be and took ages to try and sort, not entirely happy with it and would like to go back in at some point and polish it up but I’ve kept the head leading and got some nice poses.

Then whilst doing that I  also re-positioned my lights and tried to figure out how to use the atmosphere setting in Arnold, didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it to but it definitely looks better than before.

Now I’ve left it to render which is gonna take about a year so we’ll see if I actually make the deadline :)))Environment_0001

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Parent and Constraint!

So I’ve parented the can to the characters hand now and also figured out that I had the playtime on play every frame which really messed everything up so just been fixing that :))) (5)

I also added an employee watching the character just to make him feel embarrassed at the end there thought it would be funny but idk 🙂 (6)