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‘Can You Stay Still?’ Evaluation!

The project is finally over thank god, I’ve had about 2 days to recover for the next one ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking back at it there are a lot of things I am happy with, for instance I think the lip sync works well and the character designs are appealing, but there are still some things I would like to improve and change:

  • Animation:
    – The first thing I noticed is the asset change between the heads, it’s only a slight fade but it’s still very noticeable and if I could I would go back and mess around in the timeline to make it look a lot smoother.

    – Furthermore, the walk cycle feels a little bit floaty, Sophie seems to slide a little bit when she walks, it’s not too noticeable but it still needs fixing.

    – I would also like to include more key poses, I feel like my characters don’t move as much as they should.

  • Environment:
    – I like the art style of the environment, however there are a lot of seams where the rooms meet which I would like to go back into and fix. Moreover, I would like to make my easter eggs a lot more obvious as barely anyone understood what they were.
  • Audio:
    – The overall audio needs tone tweaked, at the moment it sounds very crackly, I would like to go back and make it a lot smoother and lower the noise.

    -I would also like to go back in and clean up a lot of my background noise, there is a lot of noise that I didn’t notice at first. For example, there is a bed creak in the background of Dr. Owl’s lines that I want to cut out.

  • Narrative:
    – After Phil’s feedback I know he is right about the narrative being far too simple, I would like to go back and use a real situation such as an injection or MRI scan instead of a checkup. It’s too simple and isn’t really what would happen at a doctor’s office.

Overall I am pleased with how my project went, 4 characters, 3 environments, 4 prints, 2 scripts, 15 audio recordings and over a minute of animation with a new software was a lot of work so I’m quite pleased with what I’ve achieved. ๐Ÿ™‚




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