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‘Can You Stay Still?’ Feedback so far!

So I didn’t get any feed back because the minute the session started my computer decided to crash, brilliant. 😦

But I did get the chance to go round and have a look at how everyone else is doing. Judging from what I’ve seen so far the projects are going extremely well. Although, some have made me think that my project is quite complicated. This is because there isn’t a lot of lip syncing that I’ve seen but there is a mixture of complex and limited animation. Moreover, most people have used one or two characters where as I have used four.

Furthermore, in some that I looked at the narrative isn’t exactly clear, I think they could be improved with the use of sound as well as visuals. For example, there was one project where a character was sneaking up on another character, it wasn’t clear to me why this was happening and it could’ve been explained in a bit more detail. This reflected on my own project as I have used a narrator to propel the story and make it clear to the audience what is going on.

I feel that the limited and simple animation works more because judging from one that I viewed, it works well, the narrative is clear and the art style is brilliant. Moreover, she is the most ahead that I’ve seen which makes me feel that I need to get a move on!


One thought on “‘Can You Stay Still?’ Feedback so far!

  1. Lovely blog entries – nice explanation of your process and examples of your work in class. Good writing examples from previous weeks plus useful insight regarding peer feedback. More links to clips and images that you have researched plus more formal research? The message in your project is over-simplified and the voice over good but not quite convincing – but good progress overall.


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