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‘Can You Stay Still?’ Progression 11.0!

Character Synopsis:


  • Animal – not entirely anthropomorphic but does  show emotions through facial expressions.
  • Female – To make Sophie appear more childlike I had her believe that the cat was actually a boy when she named her, but just kept the name when they realised she was a girl because she thought it suited her.
  • One of two – Alan may be the protagonist but she never goes anywhere without her owner and best friend, Sophie.
  • High maintenance – Always wants to be carried, groomed, looked after and the centre of attention.


  • Curious – like most children her age (7) she is curious about everything and anything.
  • Polite – When I was researching children’s TV programmes one thing I found common was that parents were not a fan of shows such as ‘Peppa Pig‘ because the main character taught the children bad traits. for example, Peppa is rude to her brother,  George. Therefore to make it more appealing I had Sophie be polite and kind to the other characters.

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