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‘Man’ Analysis

Message in film:
How man is killing the earth –
a man is walking round and literally killing the animals/ dumping toxins into the sea.

Art Style:
2D animation – black and white/ grey  foreground with grungy mustard yellow sky.
Colours get darker and bleaker as the film goes on and man kills the earth more and more.
Cartoony but quite gory – animals being decapitated/ slaughtered for meat.

Ruling the earth – ‘ruler of the sea’ on side of boat/ man wears a crown and sits on a throne at the end.
Dark satire humour – man rips the skin off a seal/ cows going to slaughter/ rabbits being mutated in time to the music.

Non-diegetic sound – ‘the nutcracker’ adds to satire humour as the protagonist dances around killing the earth.
Protagonist dances to the music as he strolls around the earth -diegetic? – Picks up pace as protagonist spawns cities/ more signs of humans and less animals.
Pace slows down at the end when man has finally destroyed the earth – sits on his thrown on a mound of rubbish and waste – proud.

Adult audience – not suitable for children due to the dark humour – animals being murdered – slaughtered/ shot/ bludgeoned/ decapitated.


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