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Dialogue Practice

A mother is calling her ex husband to let him know that their son has broken his leg, this script is from her side of the conversation:

Doctors office. int. daytime. phone call


Hi, how’ve you been?

Oh yeah I’m fine thank you, listen I’m just calling to tell you that Jamie broke his leg today.

Oh no no no yeah he’s fine, we’re in the doctors now.

Yeh yeh I’ve spoken to the nurse hes goin to have to get a cast but he should be fine nothing too major.

He was playing with his brother and hes fallen off the climbing frame or something I didn’t see.

Excuse me don’t you dare start blaming me at least I’m here for them. Look you’re his father I just thought you should know.

Not right now hes with the doctors I don’t want him to be anymore stressed than he already is. I’ll get him to call you when hes feeling better.

I don’t think thats a good idea right now, when hes feeling up to it I’ll ask him.

You dont have to do that no. No honestly its alright my mums here and Daves coming straight from work.

Dont start this again not now.

I’ll get him to call you later.

Well thank you. Take care.


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