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‘Blip’ Analysis

Story Structure:


An alien is sent down to earth to turn objects red with his laser beams.


Another alien is already on the planet turning objects blue, including the objects the red alien has already claimed.


The two aliens battle to turn objects to their own colours eventually ends in them trying to hit each other with their laser beams.


The two aliens discover that together they can create a whole new colour when they both hit a bird with their beams.


The pair, realising that combining they’re colours makes them stronger, now work together and go about turning objects purple.


Non-diegetic sound – Upbeat and in time with narrative – In time with characters walk cycle, picked up when the characters were fighting and chasing each other.

Diegetic sound – laser beam sci-fi noise.

Art Style:

Very rounded, simple shapes. Enemy alien is much more angular to stand out from world – unnatural.

Characters are simple designs, floating limbs – Rayman.


Children – it’s entertaining with a message and meaning behind the narrative of working together.



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