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‘Can You Stay Still?’ Progression 1.0

So the first thing I did for this project was research what kids actually watch these days. For this I went to an expert, my 6 year old cousin, Joshua. He loves ‘Go Jetters‘, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ and ‘Transformers‘. This didn’t surprise me, in the article ‘Patterns in the Mass Communications Tastes of the Young Audience‘, Lyness states that in a survey carried out on 1,418 school children, they found that boys prefer adventure and violence. Where as girls prefer private life and glamour.


I then researched how the role of images helps children when learning.This is because Lyness also states that both girls and boys disliked educational programmes the most. In the article ‘The role of pictures in improving health communication: A review of research on attention, comprehension, recall, and adherence‘, Houts states that pictures increase attention to and recall of health education information.Moreover, all patients can benefit, but patients with low literacy skills are especially likely to benefit. This margin can include children who aren’t as educated as adults.


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