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‘Can YouStay Still?’ Progression 13.0!

So I just finished lip syncing my animation to my voice over and it was painful 🙂 It  was extremely tedious and annoying but I found out a lot doing it. For example, the way your mouth moves depends on where your from and how you say words. When Phil said the Dr. Owl voice over was not very convincing I attempted to go back and use a earlier recording by Adam. However, I found that because Adam is from up North and I am from down South our mouth shapes are extremely different. Therefore, I couldn’t sync it properly as I had based my mouth assets off of my own mouth and the way I say words.

Lip Syncing is literally the worst 🙂 But I actually cannot wait to sync my characters to grime songs its gonna be hilarious.untitled-1

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‘Can You Stay Still?’ Feedback so far!

So I didn’t get any feed back because the minute the session started my computer decided to crash, brilliant. 😦

But I did get the chance to go round and have a look at how everyone else is doing. Judging from what I’ve seen so far the projects are going extremely well. Although, some have made me think that my project is quite complicated. This is because there isn’t a lot of lip syncing that I’ve seen but there is a mixture of complex and limited animation. Moreover, most people have used one or two characters where as I have used four.

Furthermore, in some that I looked at the narrative isn’t exactly clear, I think they could be improved with the use of sound as well as visuals. For example, there was one project where a character was sneaking up on another character, it wasn’t clear to me why this was happening and it could’ve been explained in a bit more detail. This reflected on my own project as I have used a narrator to propel the story and make it clear to the audience what is going on.

I feel that the limited and simple animation works more because judging from one that I viewed, it works well, the narrative is clear and the art style is brilliant. Moreover, she is the most ahead that I’ve seen which makes me feel that I need to get a move on!

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‘Can You Stay Still?’ Progression 11.0!

Character Synopsis:


  • Animal – not entirely anthropomorphic but does  show emotions through facial expressions.
  • Female – To make Sophie appear more childlike I had her believe that the cat was actually a boy when she named her, but just kept the name when they realised she was a girl because she thought it suited her.
  • One of two – Alan may be the protagonist but she never goes anywhere without her owner and best friend, Sophie.
  • High maintenance – Always wants to be carried, groomed, looked after and the centre of attention.


  • Curious – like most children her age (7) she is curious about everything and anything.
  • Polite – When I was researching children’s TV programmes one thing I found common was that parents were not a fan of shows such as ‘Peppa Pig‘ because the main character taught the children bad traits. for example, Peppa is rude to her brother,  George. Therefore to make it more appealing I had Sophie be polite and kind to the other characters.
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‘Can You Stay Still?’ Progression 10.0!

So reading back my script I realised that I’d left out the most important part of the project – sitting still. So I went back and edited my script to make sure I stuck to the brief.



Narrator – Alan and Sophie in…


Narrator – Alan visits the doctor.



Narrator – Oh, hello Alan and Sophie.

Sophie – Hello!

Narrator – Oh dear, what’s wrong with Alan?

Sophie – she’s not at all well, We’re here to see the doctor but she’s scared.

Narrator – Oh there’s nothing to be afraid of Alan, the doctor will make you feel better, just sit still and it’ll be over in a flash.

Ellie – Alan to the doctor’s office, please.



Ellie – Hello sweetie you must be Alan, and you must be Sophie.

Narrator – This is Ellie; Ellie is the doctor’s personal assistant.

Sophie – Nice to meet you.

Ellie – Doctor. Owl is expecting you, go right on in.

Sophie – Thank you, c’mon Alan.

Ellie – Have fun, and make sure you stay still for the Doctor.




Dr. Owl – Hello young lady.

Sophie – Hello!

Dr. Owl – And who might this be?

Sophie – This is Alan, she’s not very well.

Dr. Owl – Lets have a look at her shall we?


Sophie – You have to sit still for the doctor Alan or he can’t help.

Dr. Owl – Yes, please sit still Alan.

Narrator – There’s nothing to be scared of Alan, the doctor knows what he’s doing.

Dr. Owl – That’s right… hmm, there we are all you need is some medicine and you’ll be ok Alan.

Sophie – You see, you were worried about nothing you big scaredy cat!

Narrator – There was nothing to be afraid of at all, thank you doctor.

Sophie – yes thank you doctor! You see everyone, sitting still for the doctor isn’t scary! See you next time!





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Dialogue Practice

A mother is calling her ex husband to let him know that their son has broken his leg, this script is from her side of the conversation:

Doctors office. int. daytime. phone call


Hi, how’ve you been?

Oh yeah I’m fine thank you, listen I’m just calling to tell you that Jamie broke his leg today.

Oh no no no yeah he’s fine, we’re in the doctors now.

Yeh yeh I’ve spoken to the nurse hes goin to have to get a cast but he should be fine nothing too major.

He was playing with his brother and hes fallen off the climbing frame or something I didn’t see.

Excuse me don’t you dare start blaming me at least I’m here for them. Look you’re his father I just thought you should know.

Not right now hes with the doctors I don’t want him to be anymore stressed than he already is. I’ll get him to call you when hes feeling better.

I don’t think thats a good idea right now, when hes feeling up to it I’ll ask him.

You dont have to do that no. No honestly its alright my mums here and Daves coming straight from work.

Dont start this again not now.

I’ll get him to call you later.

Well thank you. Take care.

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‘Man’ Analysis

Message in film:
How man is killing the earth –
a man is walking round and literally killing the animals/ dumping toxins into the sea.

Art Style:
2D animation – black and white/ grey  foreground with grungy mustard yellow sky.
Colours get darker and bleaker as the film goes on and man kills the earth more and more.
Cartoony but quite gory – animals being decapitated/ slaughtered for meat.

Ruling the earth – ‘ruler of the sea’ on side of boat/ man wears a crown and sits on a throne at the end.
Dark satire humour – man rips the skin off a seal/ cows going to slaughter/ rabbits being mutated in time to the music.

Non-diegetic sound – ‘the nutcracker’ adds to satire humour as the protagonist dances around killing the earth.
Protagonist dances to the music as he strolls around the earth -diegetic? – Picks up pace as protagonist spawns cities/ more signs of humans and less animals.
Pace slows down at the end when man has finally destroyed the earth – sits on his thrown on a mound of rubbish and waste – proud.

Adult audience – not suitable for children due to the dark humour – animals being murdered – slaughtered/ shot/ bludgeoned/ decapitated.