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Film Analysis!


For my film analysis I chose to look at Disney’s ‘Finding Nemo’ (2003) because I am a man child ūüôā

This overview is all from Nemo’s point of view rather than marvin’s because he is also a main character, I mean the film is called ‘finding Nemo’ after all!

Plot setup:
Nemo is Marvin’s last family member after his mother and siblings were eaten in the beginning of the film, Nemo was left physically disabled with a small fin after the attack (doesn’t really sound like a kids film when you say it like that :/ ). This has made marvin very protective of Nemo, this is clear in the ‘walking to school’ sequence where he won’t even let him cross the ‘road’ on his own.

Call to Adventure:
Nemo goes on a school trip to the drop off. This is his first bit of freedom away from Marvin and his first time out of the reef.

This is the beginning of Nemo’s transformation, on the trip him and his friends find a boat further out at sea and they dare Nemo to ‘touch the butt’ of the boat. Marvin goes to stop Nemo but he disobeys him as he is fed up of Marvin being so overprotective because of his disability.

Revelation (Climax):
Nemo touches the butt of the boat and is¬†immediately kidnapped by a pair of divers, at this point he knew¬†he’d messed up big time. :/

Nemo is kept in a fish tank at a dentist where he meets Gill, this is where Nemo learns that he is going to be given to Darla as a present ( I have never hated a child more than this girl) and she murders fish (accidentally). Therefore Gill teaches Nemo how to escape and along the way he learns few life lessons that develop him as a character.

Nemo understands why Marvin was so protective of him as he now knows how big the world actually is and what dangers are out there.

Marvin and memo are back together at home in the reef, however the journey has changed them both and ultimately improved their relationship. Marvin is no longer as protective of Nemo and gives him the independence he wanted. Moreover, Nemo now has a greater understanding of the world and has matured immensely.



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