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Character Design Tutorial!

One of my first tasks as a video game Artist Apprentice was to create a character based on 3 random words. I think this fits into our current lectures on character and story so I thought I’d share how professionals go about creating their characters in a real working environment!

My words were: Self confident / Chef / From a cold climate

This is what I came up with and here’s how I did it!


First of all I create a series of thumbnail silhouettes to see what shapes I could come up with for my character:


Then I chose the thumbnails I liked the most and started to develop them into more interesting characters with emotion and an interesting story:


At this point I struggled to make the character believable as I wanted to fit the stereotypes of a fat jolly chef with a strong and confident huntsman. So I went ahead and created 2 different characters who still fit under the words I was given.



So I created the twins. They both fit the description given but they both have their own characteristics which make them interesting and different. This worked really well and this whole technique is standard in the video game industry so try it out!


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