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Coffee Shop Script

For this assignment we had to go out and listen to a random persons conversation in a public place. I visited a coffee shop and overheard two men discussing money and the fact that the should both probably go on a diet soon.

From this I thought up a script about a man and his son who have been forced to go on a diet with his wife leading up to their wedding. However, the protagonist (Dave) has been cheating his diet and has finally been caught out by his son (Jamie). 🙂coffee-script-1untitled-2

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Tavern Environment Process!

I thought I’d share how I made the tavern environment!


This is the model in the Maya viewport with lighting and textures, it took me about 5 weeks to make and everything was modelled in Maya and the textures were hand painted in Photoshop 🙂


Here are the assets I used, I simply retextured each one to give them some variety and make it less obvious that they are all the same object!


This is one of my texture layouts that I made in Photoshop! I rescued these for all the wooden assets in the scene just by repositioning the UV maps 🙂

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Creating an Environment!

So our last lecture on creating stories out of locations got me thinking, and this is pretty much what my job has been for the last year. (I was a 3D Environment Artist for a video game production studio) So I thought I’d share some environments I’d created in my time at the studio! 😀


So this was a tavern scene that I created. I built my 3D model in Autodesk Maya and then hand painted all the textures in Photoshop, the whole thing took me about 2 weeks to complete 🙂

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Story in Locations!

So in todays lecture we learnt about how you can get a story out of just a location or setting, then we went out with a prop and took some photos of our own locations to come up with a theme. We chose the theme of horror!


Granted the rubber duck was not the best choice for this… 😀


… But I think we still got some really cool shots and it was way too much fun taking pictures of a rubber duck (who we have now named Rodger) so here are a few of the shots we took whilst out and about!


I had way too much fun doing this xD


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It is very important to have clear silhouette in your drawings. In the examples above you can make out what each image is, but the one on the right is much clearer than the other due to the way it is positioned! 🙂