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Team Live Brief Environment Colour Test!

Colour test for the environments. Jack worked o the second ident to try a different colour scheme.colour-test.gif

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Team Live Brief Pre-Production

So I’m apart of Team Orange with Jack A and Adam. We are doing the Finger Industries Ident.
Here is our progress for pre- production leading up to the pitch:


This is the moodpboard I created to base the aesthetic on what we would like to go for. We will be using Maya (toon shaded) and After Effects to achieve this look.


We are using Trello to organise our workflow and to establish what we will be doing. This also means we can see who is doing what and when by.

Production roles:

We are all interchangeable but have our own skills and can help each other out fairly well, but these are our key roles.

General Manager/ Lead Animator/Character artist – Adam,
we chose Adam because he is talkative and can keep everyone on track, he is also our most capable Animator.

3D Modeller/ Environment Artist/ Environment Animation – myself, because it was my role at a studio and am comfortable with Maya and modelling.

2D logo/motion graphics/rigging – Jack’s by far the most comfortable rigger, excellent 2D animator, has worked with motion graphics/logo design in the past.



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More Game Art!

I’ve gotten back into modelling and been playing around with Marmoset and some more realistic props. Here’s a lightsaber because you can never procrastinate enough 🙂